You have a meeting, but you want to save you a trip? Think green and save time!

At several places at Avans you can videoconference. This is communicating over a distance with image and sound, between two or more locations.

A videoconference can also be used for:

  • distance education
  • speeches for large groups
  • sharing PowerPoint presentations


For videoconferencing there is a dedicated VC set in the house. You will find it in:

  • Breda Hogeschoollaan: Xplora (HX211), Xplora backoffice (HX009), Xplora Innovation Lab, HD001 (ABC) and HF003
  • Breda Lovensdijkstraat: Xplora backoffice (LX202)
  • Tilburg Prof. Cobbenhagenlaan: Xplora backoffice and CA101a
  • Den Bosch, Onderwijsboulevard 215: OX102 and OX318
  • Den Bosch, Hervenplein: Xplora

Staff reserve HX211, HX009, CA101a and OX102 through Outlook. Just add these areas when creating a meeting. Ask for LX2020 through Xplora.lovensdijkstraat@avans.nl. Reserve OX318 through X4.OWB.LIC@avans.nl.

Video meetings

A video meeting or web conference with a webcam is simpler. There are several possibilities.

Multimedia Support offers assistance for Skype, among others.

Last updated on 18 April 2018.