Education Areas at Xplora 's-Hertogenbosch

25 August 2017

Xplora Onderwijsboulevard 215 has three inspirational spaces for various purposes. There you can brainstorm, showcase, inspire, meet in style. In large or small groups. You will find these facilities at the left back end of Xplora, on floors 1, 2 and 3.

Reserve a space (for employees)

Most of the area is arranged flexibly, with sliding partitions and movable furniture. There are large interactive whiteboards and magnetic whiteboards. Thus these areas are ideal for new, innovative teaching formats.


Floor 1: The Arena

  • Flexible event space
  • Movable stage
  • Mobile tables and whiteboards
  • Suitable for company days, speed dates, training meetings and other group activities
  • Up to 136 people


Floor 2: The Lab

  • Flexible space for presentations and creative sessions
  • Mobile furniture and long sofas
  • 2 large cabinet walls, which are useful as a whiteboard
  • Suitable for a large group or several small groups simultaneously
  • With lockable presentation angle and inspiration angle
  • Up to 136 people

The Lab - presentation angle

The Lab contains a presentation angle. With sliding glass panels you can completely close this space. There are a large presentation screen and a magnetic whiteboard the size of the wall. An ideal space for creative meetings or brainstorming sessions.

The Lab - inspiration angle

In The Lab you will also find an inspiration corner. You can close this space with blinding panels. On the walls you can project images. With picture and sound you create an optimal atmosphere to strengthen the thinking and learning process. Ideally suited for inspirational sessions.


Floor 3: The Firm

  • 2 smart meeting rooms with presentation screen:
    • Boardroom 1 for 26 people
    • Boardroom 2 for 16 people
  • Standing tables for active consultation or active working
  • Kitchen with refrigerator, coffee and tea
  • Benches to work or to gather
  • 2 large quiet rooms with some indoor workplaces to study in silence

Reserve a space

You can apply for the Xplora spaces (The Arena, The Lab and The Firm) with this reservation form. An Xplora employee will contact you to capture all the details.

Please pay attention! Only for block 4 (until 20-08-2018) we will still process reservations. After that, no longer.

Educational activities have priority over other events. For questions please contact X4.OWB.LIC@avans.nl.


Feel free to look around at Xplora Onderwijsboulevard 215. You will find all the spaces at the left back end of Xplora, on floors 1, 2 and 3.

Last updated onĀ 3 May 2018.