English at B2 level (Rosetta Stone)

Starting from September 2020 Avans students from participating study programmes can improve their English with the online language module Rosetta Stone Catalyst. Whenever and wherever you want. On your laptop or with the mobile phone app. And, if you get a taste for it: now you can continue learning English up to a C1+ CEFR level!

Before you start...

When you log in you will be automatically connected to the e-learning program by a user account that is linked to your academy. The first thing you will need to do is to fill in a Questionnaire to determine your learning objectives and primary interests.

Based on your result the program will compile a basic set of courses, to which you can always add more. Read the Quickstart guide for students (in Dutch) before you start.

Support and guidance

For study related questions ask your English teacher. Add a clear explanation to your question because not every study programme uses Rosetta Stone.

Ask your functional or technical questions through rosettastone@avans.nl.

Start with the Rosetta Stone campus

Last updated on 30 September 2020.