Google Scholar shows full-text from Avans

Google Scholar search with links to Avans

Do you use Google Scholar to find articles? In this scientific brother of Google you can search click for scientific articles, theses, books and abstracts.

Xplora made finding full-text in Google Scholar a lot easier. The only thing you should do is to tell Google Scholar that you have access to the Avans databases.

Each new search then displays which articles you can access free and full text.

How to do this?

With the following five steps Scholar lets you know which databases you can use:

  • Step 1: Go to http://scholar.google.nl/
  • Step 2: Click Settings at the top right
  • Step 3: Click Bibliotheeklinks / Library links from the left menu
  • Step 4: Type 'avans' into the search bar. Then the following screen appears:

Avans appears under Library links in Google Scholar

  • Step 5: Check Avans Hogeschool and click Save

Search Google Scholar full-text

Now you can perform your search. If one of the results is available full-text in our databases you will find a notification on the right of the result: Full-Text @ Xplora (see figure above).

A click on the results or on Full-Text @ Xplora leads you directly to the right database.

Last updated on 4 February 2014.