Economics databases

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Academic Search Premier All science fields are present in this database. It contains full text from thousands of magazines
Worldwide available / Included in Kaluga
Boomportaal 3.0 Boomportaal 3.0. E-books, magazines and databases from publisher Boom
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Worldwide available
Business Source Ultimate English articles on economics, management, marketing, business and HRM
Worldwide available / Included in Kaluga
Company.info Annual reports and branch information about Dutch companies
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EBSCO eBooks English e-books on business, economics and law
Worldwide available / Included in Kaluga
Emerald Insight Scientific journals on economy, social sciences, education and technology
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Worldwide available / Included in Kaluga
Marketline Full-text reports about companies, country profiles and expert articles on markets
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NEN connect More than 60,000 NEN standards fulltext
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Nexis Uni Full-text Dutch newspapers and magazines and company information. See links for international newspapers
Worldwide available
OECD iLibrary Central knowledge base of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
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Oxford Academic Journals International journals in the field of economy and social sciences
Worldwide available / Included in Kaluga
SAGE journals online 500 international magazines on humanities and social sciences
Worldwide available / Included in Kaluga
sciencedirect 200 Full-text articles and handbooks on science, technology and medicine
Worldwide available / Included in Kaluga
SpringerLink Full-text articles and also books from Springer and Kluwer Academic on various topics
Multilingual interface
Worldwide available / Included in Kalugainstructiefilm
Statista Data, reports and infographics: Statista analyses and evaluates quantitative data from scientific and trade publications
Worldwide available / Included in Kaluga
Wiley Online Library Access to 400 English scientific magazines from Wiley.
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Worldwide available / Included in Kalugamanual
Last updated on 15 May 2023.

Economics web links

Economics in general

American Economic Association Resources for academic and practicing economists, and those interested in economics
Economic Policy Analysis - CPB Independent economic forecasts and analysis for policymakers
EconStor Open Access basis for academic literature in economics
IDEAS Database on research papers in economics
Ministry of Economic Affairs
News, Papers, speeches, research and publications
Ministry of Finance
About the State budget, tax policy, local authorities and Europe
RSS feed
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development: books, journals, news, statistics and references on country economics and social policy
Resources for Economists Directory of the American Economic Association with more than 2,000 sources


CBS The Central Bureau of Statistics on the Dutch economy
Eurostat Comparable statistic information at European level from the European Commision
Statistics Netherlands
Statistical treasure of the Netherlands. Contains Statline, Key Figures, Statistical Bulletin and the Economic Bulletin
UNESCO Institute for Statistics Country statistics
UNdata Data from the United Nations Statistics Division
United Nations Statistics Division Websites of national statistics offices around the world

Banking houses

Bank for International Settlements (BIS)
RSS feed
Central banks from countries around the world: statistics, publications and research
European Central Bank -ECB
RSS feed
Press releases, publications, statistics, Euro, EMI and links to central banks of the European Union
De Nederlandsche Bank On Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), the euro and the ESCB, statistical and monetary policy
World Bank - World Development Indicators Current and accurate global development data. Includes national, regional and global estimates.

Finance and accountancy

Data about development finance activities
Authority for the Financial Markets - AFM AFM monitors companies operating in savings, loans, investments, pensions and insurance
Belastingdienst Tax information for individuals
RSS feed
About the global financial market. Some of the content is free to use.
International Monetary Fund
RSS feed
IMF is an organization of countries all over the world: country reports, research, videos, publications and news
Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants - NBA The professional organization for all accountants in the Netherlands
UNU-WIDER Database on income inequality

Business economics

AXELOS Information about IT, management, consulting, training and case studies
RSS feed
News about different branches
ERP Community -  Toolbox for IT
RSS feed
Knowledge Base with news, research, documents and a discussion forum
InTechOpen Books, magazines and papers on technical business economics
KPMG Industry knowledge in different areas
Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO about entrepreneurship, subsidies, business partners and regulations


EURIB Independent knowledge of branding, design and reputation management
Human Development Reports
RSS feed
Reports by country. From the United Nations.
NIMA Dutch Marketing Institute: publications, exams and activities
The World Factbook Country information: history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation and military
Trendslator Current developments in society, consumer and market

International business

Doing Business About doing business: business start, credit and taxes. Arranged by country.
Euromoney emerging markets About upcoming markets
EUROPAGES Address guide for business to business in Europe
Food and Agricultural Organization
RSS feed
Food and agriculture statistics and country reports
Holland Trade About Dutch economy and trade
ICC The International Chamber of Commerce
Kompass Business-to-business companies in all countries
UNESCO strives to build networks among nations that enable solidarity. Information on themes and countries.
United Nations Industrial Development Organization UNIDO provides data on the global economy. With links to statistical agencies from many countries.
World Trade Organization
RSS feed
WTO gives access to trade statistics, economic research, news and publications

International (business) news

Financial Times
International British daily newspaper with a special emphasis on business and economic news
The Guardian British national daily newspaper. Sister paper is The Observer, a British sunday paper.
The New Yorker American magazine: reports, commentary, reviews, essays, fiction and satire
Wall Street Journal
RSS feed
Business-focused, international daily newspaper based in New York City
The Washington Post
RSS feed
American daily newspaper. It is the most widely circulated newspaper published in Washington, D.C.

Small and medium sized enterprises

Entrepeneurship Corner Collection of videos and podcasts from Stanford University on entrepeneurship and new thinkers
Panteia Economic, social and business research for businesses, governments and international organizations
Retail Innovation Platform (RINP) Platform for applied and scientific research in retail innovation in the Benelux. A cooperation between 20 universities and over 50 researchers
Last updated on 20 January 2023.
Bureau RMC Cases from this Dutch retail consulting agency
Management & Organisatie Case studies from this well known study book (10th print)
MarketLine Case studies in MarketLine
Retailstekker Case descriptions about digital network solutions in retail
SANARCHIEF Archive from advertising campaigns with all case data. Freely searchable, for instance on year, agency and advertiser
Last updated on 20 January 2023.