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Education Research Complete Research articles, mainly about education. Excerpts and full text
Multilingual interface
Wereldwijd toegankelijk / opgenomen in Kaluga
Emerald Insight Scientific journals on economy, social sciences, education and technology
Worldwide available / Included in Kaluga
ERIC References to journal articles, books, records and reports in the field of education. Multilingual and partly in full-text
Wereldwijd toegankelijk / opgenomen in Kaluga
SAGE journals online 500 international magazines on humanities and social sciences
Wereldwijd toegankelijk / opgenomen in Kaluga
ScienceDirect Full-text articles and handbooks on science, technology and medicine
Wereldwijd toegankelijk / opgenomen in Kalugainstructiefilm
SpringerLink Full-text articles and also books from Springer and Kluwer Academic on various topics
Multilingual interface
Wereldwijd toegankelijk / opgenomen in Kalugatraining film
Teacher Reference Center International scientific journals on education: tables of contents and abstracts
Wereldwijd toegankelijk / opgenomen in Kaluga
Wiley Online Library Access to 400 English scientific magazines from Wiley
Wereldwijd toegankelijk / opgenomen in Kalugahandleidinginstructiefilm
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Education web links


Inspectie van het onderwijs Reports and publications of the inspectorate on the quality of education, from nursery to higher education
Onderwijs en wetenschap
Thematically presented information on the policies of central government: current documents and selected RSS feeds

Primary education

Portal for primary, special, secondary and vocational education

Higher education

IMS Global Learning Consortium About learning technology. By an international consortium of companies and institutions
INQAAHE International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education on quality in higher education
Kenniscentrum EVC APL site for professionals: quality, financing, good practices, addresses, procedures and background information on "recognition of prior learning"
Nuffic Study abroad and internships, grants, funds and other funding opportunities. The glossary is useful for translating education terms into English
Open Education Europa
Index and forum on the current status and trends in open education in Europe
Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA)
Quality in higher education worldwide
Research and development Education research and innovations made by the Open University Netherlands
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