General databases

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Avans University Catalogue Books, periodicals, audiovisuals and papers in Xplora
Worldwide available / Included in Kalugatraining film
Academic Search Premier All science fields are present in this database. It contains full-text articles from thousands of magazines
Worldwide available / Included in Kaluga
Boomportaal 3.0 Boomportaal 3.0. E-books, magazines and databases from publisher Boom
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Worldwide available
Britannica ImageQuest Millions of images for use in teaching materials
Worldwide available
Docuseek Streaming video platform with independent documentaries. Avans offers access to a number of titles via My Movies.
Worldwide available
Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) Full-text articles from scientific journals
Worldwide available
EBSCO eBooks English e-books on economics, technology and art
Worldwide available / Included in Kaluga
Emerald Insight Scientific journals on economy, social sciences, education and technology
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Worldwide available / Included in Kaluga
HBO Knowledge Base Papers and scientific research from Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands
Worldwide available / Included in Kaluga
Nexis Uni Full-text Dutch newspapers and magazines and company information. See links for international newspapers
Worldwide available
PiCarta National catalogue of Dutch collections
Multilingual interface
Worldwide available
SAGE journals online 500 international magazines on humanities and social science
Worldwide available / Included in Kaluga
ScienceDirect Full-text articles and handbooks on science, technology and medicine
Worldwide available / Included in Kaluga
SpringerLink Full-text articles and also books from Springer and Kluwer Academic on various topics
Multilingual interface
Worldwide available / Included in Kalugatraining film
Statista Data, reports and infographics: Statista analyses and evaluates quantitative data from scientific and trade publications
Worldwide available / Included in Kaluga
StatLine CBS statistics from the Netherlands
Worldwide available
Tijdschrift voor Filosofie A scholarly journal with thematic contributions in all areas of philosophy
Worldwide available
Wiley Online Library Access to 400 English scientific magazines from Wiley.
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Worldwide available / Included in Kalugamanual
Last updated on 15 May 2023.

International newspapers

The Globe & Mail Canada Canadian newspaper
The Guardian British newspaper 
The New York Times American newspaper
The Observer British Sunday newspaper
The Times/The Sunday Times British newspaper with Sunday edition
Die Zeit German weekly magazine


Woordenlijst Nederlandse Taal Spelling of Dutch words according to de Nederlandse Taalunie
Cambridge Dictionary Free version of the well-known English dictionary
Dictionary.com Definitions, synonyms and translations
Oxford Dictionaries UK en US English dictionary with grammar and synonyms. Also Spanish dictionary.
Dictionnaire des Synonymes French synonyms dictionary
Trésor de la langue Française informatisé French dictionary
Duden German dictionary
Uitmuntend Dictionary Dutch-German and German-Dutch
From one language to another  
Mijnwoordenboek Translations between Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish
LEO Translations between various languages
Van Dale Free versions of this famous Dutch series of dictionaries
Last updated on 19 October 2020.