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Academic Search Premier All science fields are present in this database. It contains full text from thousands of magazines
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ACM Digital Library Information technology: full-text articles, newsletters and conference proceedings from ACM Digital library and guide
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Business Source Ultimate English articles on economics, management, marketing, business, personnel and organization
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DACE Price Booklet Onafhankelijke kostenramingsgegevens voor de procesindustrie
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EBSCO eBooks English ebooks, full-text
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Emerald Insight Scientific journals on economy, social sciences, education and technology
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GreenFILE About pollution and climate change, green building, recycling, sustainable agriculture and renewable energy
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Journal of chemical education About chemical education e.g. laboratory experiments and instructional methods
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LISTA Full-text articles about library science, classification and information management
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NEN Connect More than 60,000 NEN standards fulltext
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PubMed (Bio)medical literature: abstracts and sometimes full-text articles. Search by keyword (MeSH), author or journal name
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ScienceDirect Full-text articles and handbooks on science, technology and medicine
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SciFinder References, substances and reactions in chemistry.
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SpringerLink Full-text articles and also books from Springer and Kluwer Academic on various topics
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SpringerMaterials Physical and chemical data from materials
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Wiley Online Library Access to 400 English scientific magazines from Wiley.
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Technology web links


Deltares Independent institute for applied research on water issues such as hydrology, fluid dynamics, morphology, water quality and ecology
INFOMINE Internet resources compiled by librarians at American universities
Research, development and application of new technologies
TU Delft
Delft University of Technology
TU Eindhoven
Eindhoven University of Technology


Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Tutorial A good guide in terms of blood and blood test for forensic examination
Dolan DNA Learning Center
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A guided tour through the world of DNA and forensic investigation
DNA-diagnostiek Nijmegen DNA diagnostics website for doctors and researchers. Clear and illustrative
DNA-sporen Subsite of the Dutch Forensic Institute, projects and files in DNA, laws and regulations on personal data protection acts and regulations
DNA unraveled Teachers give online answers to questions from students about DNA and crime
Forensic Chemistry Lab Manual Handbook with research assignments for ten tests
Forensic entomology Very broad knowledge of entomology, intended to support education
International Forensic Research & Consulting Cases and track and trace evidence
National Criminal Justice Reference Service - NCJRS Several publications about DNA and proof
Het Nederlands Forensisch Instituut
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The NFI delivers - on behalf of customers - high-quality forensic services using state-of-the-art technology and science
Nederlands Studiecentrum Criminaliteit en Rechtshandhaving - NSCR Descriptions of research on crime and law enforcement with emphasis on process research
TOXNET Toxicology Data Network provides a collection of databases on toxicology and chemical
Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek- en Documentatiecentrum - WODC
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Resource Guide in the legal field with full text information on criminal law and criminal procedure, criminology, crime and crime delicts

Computer science

Center for mathematics and computer science
Site for developers and IT professionals about cloud applications and online platforms
Online community for Java

Communication and multimedia design

Digital-Tutors Tutorials for students and developers about making movies, games and digital art
HTML Goodies
Tips and tricks on web design and web development
American site about multimedia and blogs
Student Multimedia Design Center
Student blog of the University of Delaware

Chemical technology

Basics of NMR A complete book on NMR: the theory is clarified with pictures and animations
Web links about chemical industry, software, publishers and newsgroups
Macrogalleria Polymers: origins, types, effects, synthesis, analysis and production
NMR Spectroscopy Using 'Principles of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance' the basic principle is explained. Furthermore there are applications of 13C NMR and 1H NMR and links to spectra explanations
NVKC - Nederlandse Vereniging voor Klinische Chemie Information in the field of clinical chemistry
Periodic Table of the Elements The elements: how they were discovered, how to use them, the electron configuration and the weight of the atoms
Smithers Rapra English site with summaries and a search engine in the field of plastic and rubber


ECN Energietechnologie
Research, development, services and knowledge transfer in the field of energy: renewable energy, nuclear research, advanced conversion of fuels and policy studies
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
The U.S. government on renewable energy and energy efficiency
RIVM - National Institute for Public Health and the Environment
RIVM on global warming and climate change


AGVE About Automated Guided Vehicles and associated controls
Betonvereniging Concrete platform for knowledge about concrete. With publications and training
The engineer
English site for engineers: news, products, fairs etc.
InTechOpen English books, articles and papers on engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT The famous MIT with news, research and links
SWOV Library portal Publications on road safety
Vastgoedkennis.nl The database of the Real Estate Information Center contains more than 35,000 titles: journal articles, market reports, annual reports and books
Last updated on 19 October 2020.