Avans University Catalogue

The catalogue is a searchable list of all materials in Xplora.

Below you will find tips about how to search in the catalogue.
You could also try Help in the catalogue for a comprehensive instruction.

Direct to Catalogue

You can search in Avans University of Applied Sciences as a whole, or for each campus separately (Breda, 's-Hertogenbosch or Tilburg).

Start menu

With all word(s) you search simultaneously for words in the title, author and subject. Choose an other option if you like to search by author or title.

Variant terms or exact match

If you're not sure how a word/name ends, end with a question mark or an asterisk (*).
Use double quotes if you are searching for an exact combination of words.

Title list

If you have found more than one title, a shortlist will appear, for example:


The most recent results are shown first. If you have more than ten results, you can browse them with the arrows right on the screen .

Click on a title for the full title data. You will see where and in which Xplora you can find it.

If you like to return to the list of results, click shortlist.

Reservations and renewals

You can make a reservation yourself for loaned titles.
Arrange renewals for your borrowed materials through Borrower information.

Last updated on 27 May 2021.