Search with Kaluga

Search in one go with Kaluga, in the Avans catalogue and many other Xplora sources, such as e-books and databases with journal articles.

Tips and tricks

  • Search with English words for an international result and a better chance of finding scientific publications.
  • Use double quotation marks to a fixed word combination: "Social media"
Character What it does Example
? replaces one character organi?ational = organizational and organisational
* replaces several characters marketing* = marketingplan and marketingmanagement
  • You can search with AND, OR or NOT

Social AND Media:
both words must occur in the search results

Social OR Media:
the results must at least contain one of the two words

Social NOT Media:
only Social may occur in the search results


Detailed information about searching with Kaluga.

Kaluga search results

  • Save a result by clicking on the folder with a + and then choose email, save or print. Remember to email or print the Folder at the top of the screen before closing Kaluga.
  • Choose from several guidelines for references, e.g. APA.
  • You can also export saved results to RefWorks.

Search history

To save your search history, you must create an account in Kaluga. You can do this via the Sign in link at the top right of the screen.

Last updated on 27 May 2021.