Magazines are useful and fun. How can you best find them online?

Xplora offers a wide range of (online) trade journals, newspapers and opinion magazines.

Search for a journal title

Avans catalogue: all journals are included and can be found by entering words from the title.
However, you cannot search for a specific article.

How to find international magazines/journals (pdf)

Search for a journal article

Kaluga: find (e-)journals about all kinds of subjects. Kaluga does not include every Xplora database.

BrowZine is an app or website that enables you to read journals on your tablet, smartphone or PC.

Databases: thousands of journal articles can also be found full-text and free of charge.

You also find archives of past journal articles on the internet.

You find new articles with RSS feeds from a journal. An RSS feed is a collection of the latest news or articles on a website. You can collect and read these feeds with a free RSS reader. The advantage is that you do not need to go to every website to see what's new, but can read the news in one place.

PiCarta: a comprehensive Dutch catalogue that does include article references.

Last updated onĀ 25 November 2019.