Renew your books easily in the catalogue

You can renew your loan of the materials ten times. You can arrange this yourself online (see below) or in person at one of the service desks.

If you have an outstanding fine of more than € 5,- you cannot renew your loans. Reservations made by other people have priority.

Renew now

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How to renew loans in the online catalogue

  • Go to the Avans Catalogue
  • Click on Borrower information
  • Enter the number below the barcode on your (digital) student card or staff card
  • Enter the first three letters of your surname. Click Login
  • Click on Loans
  • Select the publications for which you want to renew your loan
  • Click on Renew. The renewed loans will now appear on the screen

Always use the first three letters of your surname (without prefixes) as it appears on your card. In some cases you must enter an extra 0 (zero) before the number.

Telephone renewals

You can also renew your loans by telephone by calling +31 88 525 60 50.
It is useful if you have the barcode number on your card at hand.

Last updated on 26 July 2019.