Loaning audiovisual equipment

Students and employees can loan so-called handheld AV equipment:

  • photo camera
  • video camera
  • voice recorder

Reserve audiovisual equipment

Not to book online, but separately at the Multimedia Support desk:

  • tripod for on the floor
  • table stand
  • wired microphone

The equipment can be loaned:

  • from Multimedia Support in Breda (HX 032)
  • at the desk of Xplora Lovensdijkstraat 61 (1st floor)
  • from Multimedia Support Onderwijsboulevard Den Bosch (OX 204)
  • at the desk of Xplora Hervenplein Den Bosch
  • at the desk of Xplora Stationsplein Den Bosch
  • at the desk of Xplora Tilburg (ground floor)

When you borrow, you agree to the loan conditions for audiovisual materials.

Last updated onĀ 23 July 2018.