Loaning audiovisual equipment

Students and employees can loan so-called handheld AV equipment:

  • photo cameras
  • video cameras
  • voice recorders

You can reserve these resources via ServicePunt.avans.nl.

Tips and instructions

At the top of this page you will find a playlist with video instructions.

We also have a number of tips for using the photo camera:

Terms for the loan of AV equipment

The borrower shall:

  • return audiovisual materials before the end of the loan period
  • deliver the audiovisual materials in the same state in which they were received
  • take care of the repair or replacement of the borrowed materials in the event of damage, loss, misappropriation or theft. Replacement materials must be at least of the same brand and similar type.
  • to save recordings to your own medium. All files will be erased by Multimedia Support after return.
  • use the audiovisual materials only for activities related to education
  • report when equipment is not working properly

Avans is not liable if the loaned audiovisual materials are used in violation of legal rules.

Last updated on 18 November 2020.