Tools for media editing and sharing

Google Drive

Google Drive offers many possibilities for editing files and an unlimited storage. Sharing with Avans students or teachers is very easy

More about Google Drive on GoGoogle Avans


A screencast is a digital video recording of a computer screen. Special software records what's happening on the screen.
Camtasia Studio 8 offers numerous options for editing screencasts and making compact files.

You can alo make screencasts in MyMedia with 'Capture Space' behind your PC or laptop.


With TubeChop you can cut a fragment from a YouTube video in two simple steps


Sending large (media) files via email is not so easy. WeTransfer is a simple way to send large files up to 2GB to someone.

Without registration, and by just filling in a few details (email address of the recipient and the sender) you put the files on a server and the recipient will get an email. The files will remain downloadable for a week.

Last updated onĀ 3 February 2017.