Multimedia workstations

Multimedia Support has a studio and editing room in Den Bosch and Tilburg. In the autumn, a new multimedia room will be created in Breda with two studios, two editing rooms and a podcast room.
In the studio you can make video recordings, for example with the green screen technique. You can also use the studio for photography.

Studio facilities

The studios are equipped with green screens, professional recording equipment and adjustable LED lighting sets. They are soundproof. This creates an ideal recording space.

The Virtual Studio makes it possible (for now only in Den Bosch) to replace the green screen live for a virtual studio. This means you are directly in a 'different environment' or, for example, in your own presentation.

If required, the use of the studio will be supported by our employees.

Editing room

Our workstations provide special software for processing video and audio. They are equipped with professional microphones for, for example, recording a voice-over or a screencast.


The programs are available at different levels: for beginners, advanced or 'experts'. The multimedia workstations are equipped with professional software for screencasts and photo, video and sound editing.

Book in advance

Book a multimedia workstation in advance to avoid disappointments.
Call or email for reservations to:

Tip for teachers

Please contact Multimedia Support well in advance if a group of students will make use of the studios. In consultation we will then consider what it takes for preparation and planning.

This prevents that all students want to start working at the same time.

Last updated on 13 September 2022.