Multimedia support

Multimedia Support helps with multimedia issues. The teacher or student will work on his project with one of our employees. Our support can take place at different stages:

  • preparation,
  • production, and
  • publication and evaluation.


In an intake we talk about the upcoming project on the basis of AV formats. It discusses which method and which product fits best for the intended purpose.

After the intake you can start writing your script. We offer a writing instruction for script writing, there are templates available or we can discuss revisions of what you have written before.


During the recording and editing of the final product Multimedia Support will help you on your way. You learn how to use the studio equipment in the studio and the editing room and you get tips to prevent pitfalls. Go to ServicePunt to lend photo and video cameras and voice recorders.

Publication and evaluation

After production, the end product can be published on MyMedia with our help. You place, describe and share your product with this Avans media platform. Moreover, with the extensive analytics of MyMedia you can evaluate the use of your publication.

Last updated on 18 November 2020.