Choosing sources

Your search query determines which sources you can use best:

Source General Current In-depth
(e-)books     x
conference material   x  
dictionaries x    
encyclopedias x    
Google Scholar     x
internet   x  
journal articles   x x
manuals x    
newspapers   x  
proceedings   x  
reports     x
social media   x  
statistics   x x

Search for a journal article

Xplora offers a wide range of (online) trade journals, newspapers and opinion magazines.

  • Kaluga: find (e-)journals about all kinds of subjects. Kaluga does not include every Xplora database.
  • BrowZine is an app or website that enables you to read journals on your tablet, smartphone or PC.
  • Databases: thousands of journal articles can also be found full-text and free of charge.

You also find archives of past journal articles on the internet.

You find new articles with RSS feeds from a journal. An RSS feed is a collection of the latest news or articles on a website. You can collect and read these feeds with a free RSS reader. The advantage is that you do not need to go to every website to see what's new, but can read the news in one place.

PiCarta: a comprehensive Dutch catalogue that does include article references.

Last updated on 27 August 2021.
Last updated on 25 November 2019.