Search tips: find exactly what you need

Find exactly what you need. And find it quickly, without too many detours.

Find exactly what you need. And find it quickly, without too many detours.
The following tips can help.

Internet Detective
Assess the quality of information on the Internet with this interactive course.
Includes a user guide for teachers


Use a book:

  • for reliable information on a topic
  • for the proper placement of a subject within a discipline
  • for references to other sources
  • for fastly consulting the contents and the register (glossary)

Find a book:

Possible disadvantage of a book:

  • the size
  • an excess of information


Use a magazine:

  • for specific information about (current) issues
  • for references to other sources
  • for finding bibliographies and other relevant research

Find an article:

  • by consulting the year register / the table of contents of a (trade) journal
  • by searching in Kaluga
  • by searching PiCarta, a subject-specific database, or the Internet


Use a newspaper:

  • for the latest information on regional, national and international events
  • for editorials, commentaries and opinions

Find an article:

  • by searching LexisNexis
  • by looking in the paper editions and digital versions of (regional) newspapers

Possible disadvantage of a newspaper:

  • the limited information
  • news ages quickly


Use a thesis for orientation:

  • for dealing with your own work (beware of plagiarism!)
  • in the professional field
  • on a specialist subject

Find a thesis:

Possible disadvantage of a thesis:

  • no quality

Audio and video

Use audio and video (tapes, DVDs, CD-ROMs, games):

  • as instruction
  • as an illustration
  • for orientating on a topic

Find audio and video:

  • by searching in Kaluga
  • by searching the Internet

Possible disadvantage of audio and video:

  • equipment-dependent


Use a database:

  • for facts (eg. business information, statistics, legal texts)
  • for (specific) information about a particular topic

Consult a database:


Use the Internet:

  • for the latest information
  • for finding references to other sources
  • for expert and popular information
  • for (inter)national public information
  • for corporate information
  • for free databases

Possible disadvantages of the Internet:

  • abundance of information
  • not everything can be found on the Internet
  • volatility: information is not constantly available
  • reliability is an issue! Use the checklist of the Internet Detective
Last updated onĀ 27 October 2016.