Searching in social media

Search and find with Twitter

How to find interesting twitterers:

Search and find with Facebook

With Facebook, you can search for:

  • people, places or things
  • friends
  • events
  • newsfeeds
  • timelines
  • Graph Search in 2014: combine fixed short sentences to find persons, locations, photos, etc.

Search and find with LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a general search screen and an advanced search screen. You can search for:

  • persons
  • jobs
  • businesses
  • groups
  • locations

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Last updated on 8 December 2015.

Social media is an umbrella term for Internet websites or applications that allow you to easily share information with each other.

Users create and edit their own 'content'. Blog postings, status updates, photos, videos and tweets are all examples of this user generated content.

Nine out of ten Dutch people aged 15 to 39 use social media. 53 Percent are female and 47 percent male.

Through social media you can show what you are doing, what concerns you, and what you have experienced.


To join a social medium, it is often necessary to create a profile. You indicate who you are, what your interests are and what you can contribute.

We are only human so we try to present ourselves as best as possible. Profiles describe not always who we are, but who we want to be.

The practical aspect is that a profile allows people to find each other. For example, that former classmate. Just Google his/her name and you will find a LinkedIn profile.

Much of the published information is public, but you can also shield your profile or make it partially accessible.

Last updated on 4 November 2015.

In 2015, for the fifth time a study was conducted among Dutch people aged 15 years and older by Newton Research & Consultancy. There is also a survey among young people from 15 to 24 in co-operation with popular music station 3FM.

It is the biggest trend research from the Netherlands into the use and expectations of social media.

Some conclusions from the report

  • Traditional major platforms - such as Facebook - stay larg.
  • Youngsters remain active on Facebook.
  • The use of Twitter has increased slightly, but everyday use decreases.
  • Google+ rises.
  • New social media platforms conquer terrain.
  • All strata of the population use social media, but worries about privacy are still on the agenda.

Top 5 use among the Dutch

  1. Facebook: 9.4 million of which 6.6 million daily
  2. YouTube: 6.8 million of which 1.2 million daily
  3. Google+: 3.9 million of which 1.3 million daily
  4. LinkedIn: 3.8 million of which 0.4 million daily
  5. Twitter: 2.8 million of which one million daily
  • The use of Facebook declines for the first time among young people.
  • There is an increase in the use of LinkedIn, mainly among 40+.
  • The use of Twitter declines particularly among young people. Almost 4 in 10 people who last year thought Twitter most important, now name Facebook instead.

Top 5 use among Dutch people from 19-24 in percentages

  • Facebook: 95%
  • YouTube: 78%
  • Instagram: 45%
  • SnapChat: 38%
  • LinkedIn: 43%

Young people follow particularly well-known brands and artists through social media.

Other platforms

Among the other platforms Pinterest and Instagram are especially popular.

  • Pinterest 1.6 million users of which 261.000 daily (+ 101% compared to 2014). Pinterest is particularly popular among 20-39 year olds.
  • Instagram 1.8 million users of which 722.000 daily (+35% compared to 2014). Instagram is especially popular among young people under 19 years.

Confidence in social media declined slightly compared to 2014, particularly among users up to 40 years.

But the usefulness of social media scores higher than the worry about the confidence.

Predictions for the coming years

  • Instagram will be bigger than Twitter in two years time.
  • Confidence and privacy will become more and more an issue.
  • Facebook will still be the largest among young people over a year, but will fall further.
Last updated on 4 November 2015.