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Corona update: you can visit Xplora again

27 August 2021Xplora

There is now more on-site education at Avans University of Applied Sciences. Under the current corona measures, you can visit Xplora again to borrow books and other materials. Use the le...

Kaluga gets a new look

28 June 2021Xplora

Kaluga, Avans' search engine for books and databases, will look slightly different from June 24th. The search engine works largely the same, but the new search screen may take some getti...

Good scores for Avans in Student Survey

23 June 2021Xplora

On Wednesday 23 June, the results of the Dutch National Student Survey (NSS) – the largest satisfaction survey of students in the Netherlands – were published. Now you also compare the r...

Take part in the National Student Survey 2021

18 January 2021Xplora

What do you think of your study programme and Avans University of Applied Sciences? Starting in the week of 18 January, the Dutch National Student Survey (NSS) will give you the chance t...