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Xplora focuses more on online support

16 May 2019Xplora

Xplora aims to support students with information questions more flexibly. That means - among other things - that you must also be able to ask your information question online. Xplora wil...

Opening hours in May and June

06 May 2019Xplora

Xplora will be closed on Ascension Day (30 May), on Friday 31 May and on Whit Monday (10 June). For questions you can text us through WhatsApp (06 - 22 31 91 00) or email us via xplora@a...

Avans Hogeschoollaan non-smoking

18 April 2019Xplora

From Monday 15 April, the Hogeschoollaan in Breda has a non-smoking outdoor area. Avans organised a starting event that day, together with the neighbouring Amphia Hospital. Because also ...

Xplora open in the carnival week

19 February 2019Xplora

In the week of carnival Xplora will be closed on Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 March. Xplora will be open from 8.30 am to 5 pm from Wednesday to Friday. Support is only available at Breda Hoges...

Take part in the Dutch National Student Survey

28 January 2019Xplora

What are your thoughts about your study programme and about Avans University of Applied Sciences? Please feel free to share them by completing the Dutch National Student Survey (NSS). Th...