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Xplora Hogeschoollaan reopens

31 October 2018Xplora

Xplora Hogeschoollaan reopens on Monday 5 November. For many visitors it will take some time to get used to the new layout. The complete support for searching, finding, evaluating and sh...

Hogeschoollaan closes three weeks

09 October 2018Xplora

Xplora Hogeschoollaan will be closed for three weeks from Monday 15 October. Due to a large, internal move a temporarily close is inevitable. The online service remains open for question...

Find your way with the Xplora app

25 July 2018Xplora

From this school year, the Xplora app is another smart way to explore Xplora. The app is now available in an English version. The goal of the app is to guide new users through Xplora. Bu...

Digital student card for borrowing from Xplora

09 July 2018Xplora

New students will start this year with using the digital student card. The digital version replaces the plastic card that Avans students formerly received. These existing plastic student...

Databank problems in Internet Explorer

21 June 2018Xplora

Many databases give an error message in Internet Explorer that the session has expired. This problem mainly occurs with the version installed on Avans PCs. The advice is to use another b...