Hogeschoollaan collections have been rehoused

18 November 2022

All collections of Xplora Hogeschoollaan have been moved to several locations in the buildings, close to the study programmes. The former location has been cleared for the coming renovation for OpenX.

What do you find where?

  • Technology and General (such as books on research skills and applying for jobs) can now be found at LD101 at Lovensdijkstraat 63.

  • Education and upbringing (educational methods, pedagogy and psychology and children's books) have been located at the walkway on the 2nd floor of Hogeschoollaan.

  • Behaviour and society and health have been located on the walkway on the 3rd floor of Hogeschoollaan.

  • Economics is moving over completely to online resources. Consult xplora.avans.nl for e-books and digital articles.

Loans and search

You will find a lending machine at every location that you can use to borrow yourself, and a return bin. More information about loans, renewals, returns and reservations can be found at xplora.avans.nl.

Last updated on 18 November 2022.