Good scores for Avans in Student Survey

23 June 2021

On Wednesday 23 June, the results of the Dutch National Student Survey (NSS) – the largest satisfaction survey of students in the Netherlands – were published. Now you also compare the results for all higher education programmes using the National Student Survey dashboard. Avans University of Applied Sciences has been receiving good scores in the survey for many years, and this is year is no different. We scored higher than the national average for HBO (higher professional education) across all themes. 


Students’ degree of involvement in their education is particularly high at Avans. They perceive Avans as a safe and inclusive environment where they can be themselves and have plenty of opportunities to develop. They are very satisfied with the general atmosphere and they feel at home at Avans. Students are also satisfied with the expertise of lecturers and their knowledge of professional practice.

New, shorter survey

It has been two years since the last NSS was held. In 2019, Avans University of Applied Sciences, together with other universities of applied sciences, did not take part in the process because there were questions around the reliability of the data produced. This was partly due to the application of the privacy law. In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic meant that the survey had to be cancelled. 

This year, students contributed to the content of the survey themselves. It is shorter and more concise, and respondents were able to take part in complete anonymity. In terms of the themes covered, the questions were all about the central themes in education. Almost half of all Avans students completed the survey, which was the highest number ever.

The survey dashboard makes it possible to compare the responses given by students from the same study programme at different institutions. This is useful for students who are deciding where they would like to study or which programme to study. The survey is also an important input for the rankings given by Keuzegids HBO and Elsevier's Beste Studies, which are published in October. And finally, the survey provides important feedback for Avans regarding its programmes, showing where there are strengths and where improvements can be made. 

Top programmes at Avans

Broadly speaking, Avans is doing well right across the board. Programmes that stand out because of students’ high level of satisfaction are: Human Resource Management (School of Economics and Business Administration), Master of Animation (AKV|St.Joost), Communication (School for Associate Degrees) and Bachelor of Industrial Engineering & Management (AVD). 

Other notable findings: Avans has no specific strengths, but scores well across the board. That means that we have the right knowledge available to provide high-quality education in every subject.

There are also areas for improvement. The pandemic has meant that the transition to distance learning has had to be speeded up. Avans continues to develop high-quality online education, but this is also the area in which it has the most room for improvement.

Quality improvements

Avans really does use the results of the survey to make improvements. For example, after previous surveys, the number of power points was increased and timetabling and work placement counselling were tackled. This year, for the first time, NSE magazine will be published in which the highest scoring study programmes will share advice and tips.

Avans is also considering adding to the national student survey by conducting an internal survey among students every autumn. It would focus on subjects that apply more specifically to education at Avans. Together with the well-being monitor app, which will be launched after the summer, this will create a powerful combination as a basis on which to further improve education.

More information

This summary shows the results for the whole of Avans compared to the national average for HBO institutions. 
On Sharepoint, Avans staff and students can find the institution-specific report and factsheets with more information. 

Last updated on 23 June 2021.