Rehousing collections Hogeschoollaan

11 July 2022

Starting from Monday 11 July and during the summer holidays, book collections of Xplora Hogeschoollaan will be split up and moved to different locations. For you as a student or employee this may be inconvenient, for example because you will be temporarily unable to borrow books or magazines. You can still use the online databases and e-books 24/7 during the entire period though.


The relocations are partly a preparation for the planned renovation of Xplora Hogeschoollaan into OpenX. Some academies have also indicated that they want to place the materials closer to the schools. In general, everything will be arranged during the summer holidays, so that the inconvenience will be limited.

What will you find where in the future?

  • Technique and General (such as books on research skills and applying for jobs) are moved to LD101 at Lovensdijkstraat 63.
  • Teaching methods and children's books will be moved to the walkway on the second floor of Hogeschoollaan.
  • Economics will switch completely to online resources. The economics books and magazines will be removed from the collection before the autumn break.
  • The other disciplines will remain available on the ground floor of Xplora Hogeschoollaan until the autumn holidays.

    After the autumn break, the remaining AWEG materials on health, behaviour, society, education and upbringing will also be moved to the walkways on the second and third floors of the school building.

You will find a lending machine and a return bin at every future location.

Last updated on 18 August 2022.