Xplora Hogeschoollaan reopens

31 October 2018

Xplora Hogeschoollaan reopens on Monday 5 November. For many visitors it will take some time to get used to the new layout. The complete support for searching, finding, evaluating and sharing information is now on the ground floor. The first floor is a flexible 'learning garden' and the second floor an 'as quiet as possible' zone.

Ground floor: workplaces and information sources

All books, magazines and other materials have been moved to the ground floor. This means that all physical information sources can be found on one floor.

In addition to regular (group) workplaces, you will also find the multimedia studio and multimedia workstations. On-site there is direct support from information and multimedia staff, daily from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.

First floor: learning gardens and creative workspaces

On the first floor independent work, under the guidance of the teacher as a coach, plays a major role. Learning gardens have been realized and provide access to hundreds of students per day from the School of Economics and Business Administration (AAFM), the School of Marketing and Business Management (AMBM) and Avans Innovative Studio (AiS).

Outside the lecture hours, the workstations of the learning gardens can be used by every student. The adjacent Xplora Innovation Lab is also accessible to students, unless this has been scheduled for education.

Second floor: 'as quiet as possible' zone

Students often request for silent workstations. Within the possibilities of the building, the second floor is therefore optimally arranged to study individually or in pairs.

Compact workplaces have been realized where students can work in relative silence.

This floor will be used six times a year for large-scale events, such as the K'Nex week and the Bedrijvendagen.

Last updated on 2 November 2018.