Hogeschoollaan closes three weeks

9 October 2018

Xplora Hogeschoollaan will be closed for three weeks from Monday 15 October. Due to a large, internal move a temporarily close is inevitable. The online service remains open for questions and support.

Xplora Hogeschoollaan will close from Monday 15 October to Friday 2 November. The books on the 1st and 2nd floor will be moved to the ground floor. Cabinets will be broken down and built up and the floors and chairs will be cleaned. New sockets will be installed as well.

All this will cause so much noise and dust that it is impossible to keep Xplora open during the move.

Online service remains open

Xplora Hogeschoollaan continues to operate online:

  • You can use the databases, e-books and magazines via the website xplora.avans.nl/international
  • For questions:
    • text us through WhatsApp - via 06 - 22 31 91 00
    • mail us - via xplora.breda@avans.nl
    • or call us - via 088 - 525 74 40
  • Appointments for support can simply be made along one of these roads
  • You can renew borrowed materials online via the website. You can also deposit them in the mailbox at the entrance or drop them off at another Xplora.
  • If you would like to borrow a calculator or dictionary or retrieve an already reserved book, go to Xplora Lovensdijkstraat
  • You will be contacted about planned appointments with Multimedia Support for the use of equipment and facilities. Mail multimediasupport.Breda@avans.nl for questions and solutions.

Thanks for understanding

In previous messages we reported that Xplora would remain open during the move. However, this situation proved unsustainable. After 2 November we hope to receive you in a clean and newly classified Xplora.

Last updated on 11 October 2018.