Xplora focuses more on online support

16 May 2019

Xplora aims to support students with information questions more flexibly. That means - among other things - that you must also be able to ask your information question online. Xplora works now with a central help desk via telephone, +31 88 525 60 50, besides a WhatsApp service and e-mail. The opening hours of the Xplora facilities remain the same. At peak times you will of course find an employee at the Xplora counter.

Because the organisation is still busy with the redesign, the times that the counter is staffed can change until the summer holidays.

Answers to many questions can be found at xplora.avans.nl. Or contact us through WhatsApp 06 - 22 31 91 00 or e-mail xplora@avans.nl.

Last updated on 14 August 2019.