BrowZine: read magazines online

Your own online magazine rack

BrowZine is an app or website for your tablet, smartphone or PC that enables you to read your favorite scientific journals. Tracking literature is not easy. More and more also appears in online form. BrowZine offers a solution.

With BrowZine you can browse through your own library and you can share articles and store them. In this way you compose your own magazine rack. And you always have access to the latest numbers.

What's in BrowZine?

  • Journals of the larger international publishers. Under general databases you'll find an overview of these publishers.
  • Open access journals

Please note: there is more in supply than this. On the other hand, not all publishers give permission to use BrowZine or don't support the technology (yet).

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Starting with BrowZine

For tablets, smartphones and Amazon Kindle:

  • Download the free app in the appstore. Choose institute Avans Hogeschool and log in with your Avans account.

For PC:

At ‘Library’ you will make a choice from the range of titles. Choose from a variety of subjects from an alphabetical list.
Put the selected titles on your own magazine shelf with 'add to my bookshelf'.

BrowZine advanced

You can save articles for later - offline - reading. It is also possible to transfer data to RefWorks. And of course you can share, email, twitter and print.

The video above demonstrates some advanced options for articles in BrowZine.

Please feel free to contact Xplora if you have any questions.

If you have feedback about BrowZine, feel free to mail to xplora@avans.nl.

Last updated on 29 July 2019.