HBO Knowledge Base

HBO Knowledge Base is an internet platform for universities of applied sciences. The database provides access to knowledge products written by students, lecturers and professors. Both studies and graduation reports are easy to find.

The Knowledge Base contains information that is interesting for students, the business sector and society. The HBO Knowledge Base acts as a bridge between higher professional education, applied research and professional practice.

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Do you work on your own thesis or research?

Take a look at HBO Knowledge Base for inspiration. Here you will find more than 40,000 theses and publications by students and researchers from all over the Netherlands. All full-text publications are freely available.

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Yes you can. Your thesis deserves to be included in HBO Knowledge Base. Please remember that you should have permission from your graduation company.

For more information about this procedure, contact HBOkennisbank.LIC@avans.nl.

Last updated on 4 June 2021.