Printing, copying and scanning

You can print, copy, or scan on the mutlifunctional printers that are everywhere in the buildings. The Studio at school provides larger and specialized printing (bigger than A3), laminating and binding documents. You can also buy office supplies.

Printing with the Avans internet printer

If you are logged in with your Avans account, you can send a print job from any PC within the university. Double-sided printing is default. You can switch manually to single-sided printing.

Send the job to the [Avans Printer] or the [Avans Internet Printer]. Then go to any multifunctional printer in the building.

  • place your Avans pass on the card reader. Your name will appear after a few moments, as well as the names of the files you have sent.
  • select the files that you want to print
  • tap [Print + Delete]
  • to exit, tap [Log Out]

Printing via the Print Portal

You can also upload files directly to the portal via print.avans.nl and retrieve them from any multifunctional printer. Handy if you want to print from home or from your smartphone.

You can also use this print portal if you do not want to install the Avans Internet printer on your laptop.

Top up your print credit

Via print.avans.nl you can top up your print credit with iDeal, Visa or Mastercard.

Costs of printing, copying and plotting

The following costs are per side, not per sheet.

Printer A4 A3 A4 colour A3 colour
Avans Printer
Avans Internet Printer
€ 0.06 € 0.12 € 0.20 € 0.40
cost depending on size,
€ 5.00 per square metre


The multifunctional printers can also scan photos and other documents:

  • place the document face down on the glass plate
  • place your Avanspas on the card reader
  • select [Scan and Send]
  • choose [Send to Myself] or [New Destination]. In the latter case add an email address other than your own. Confirm twice with [OK]
  • select the desired settings on the right
  • press the green start button for each page that you would like to scan
  • [Start Sending] for final transmission to the email address
  • to exit, tap [Log Out]

See Help on print.avans.nl for more information. Or ask one of our employees to assist you.

Last updated on 6 February 2020.