Screencasting with Camtasia

Camtasia screencasts

A screencast is a digital video recording of a computer screen. Special software records what is happening on the screen.
A screencast is usually then subject to further processing: editing or adding supporting texts and audio commentary.


Camtasia Studio 8 offers numerous editing options and produces compact files.

Several Multimedia workstations in Xplora have Camtasia installed. Students and staff can use the application on site. The program can also be downloaded free of charge via techsmith.com for use over a 30 day trial period.


Screencasts are most commonly used to:

  • produce software demos

  • produce online training tutorials

  • replace documentation and guides

  • visualize frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Camtasia Studio 8 Tutorials

Tips for screencasting

  • As well as the necessary software you need a good microphone.

  • Think carefully about what you want your screencast to explain.

  • Draft a script describing what needs to be shown in what order and what explanations are needed where.

  • Generate the screen images.

  • Speak at an even rate and move the cursor across the screen in a smooth movement.

  • The screencasts must be suitable for use on a streaming video server.

Last updated on 29 July 2019.